Environmental Solutions

The concerns for a better and cleaner earth are increasing by the day, we provide solutions to compat air pollution depending on the requirements of our clients, namely, flue gas de-sulphurization by sea water or water treatment based on specific industries.

CONTINUOUS EMISSION MONITORING SYSTEM (CEMS):  ATTS  We offer high quality stack monitoring kits for the measurement of emissions. The stack emission is used for the measurement of common pollutants that are emitted out of processes and fuel burning. This helps to assess pollution, check  status of manufacturing equipments, pollution control equipments, statutory compliance, internal audit, save fuel, improve efficiency of manufacturing equipments, save money and contributing to better working environment.

AIR QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM (AQMS): We provide air pollution monitoring systems. The systems installed at site monitor indoor ambient air quality inside and outside of the premises. Our services include;

Dust Monitoring
  • Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)
  • Respirable particulate Matter (RPM)
Gaseous Monitoring
  • Sulphur Dioxide (SO²)
  • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Ammonia (NH³)
Liquid Monitoring
  • Various ranges of Chemical detection.

Tank Inventory Management Systems (TIMS)
As representatives of one of the leading Manufacturers of Tang gauges and Custody Transfer Tank Gauging Systems, we offer a one stop solution for your tank level gauging requirements in compliance to OIML R85 2008 certification standards of NMO.

Automatic Weather Monitoring Station
A complete automatic weather monitoring system to monitor almost all meteorological parameters like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Rainfall, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation etc.

Our Quality Policy

ATTS’s Quality Policy ensures that the customer receives goods, services, and technical support for their systems, which meet or exceed the agreed upon requirements with regards to reliability and technical specifications.