Power Plant Solutions

With ever changing market dynamics and innovations occurring within the power sector, we are able to provide our clients with the right strategic route map to sound asset management and high returns on their operations. Our comprehensive solutions address issues related to generation, maintenance, major/minor overhauls, life assessments, repair and refurbishment services.

We specialize in large-scale turbo machinery ranging from gas turbines, steam turbines, HV & MV generators, motors, transformers and also auxiliary equipment.

Major Overhaul/Annual Inspection Of GAS & STEAM Turbines

ATTS provides Minor/ Major Inspection and Major overhaul services on ABB and GE Gas & Steam turbines and generators in accordance with manufacturers maintenance procedures. Based on our extensive experience with OEM equipment we offer following services:

  • Repair/refurbishment, retrofit, rehabilitation, maintenance, and overhaul of land-based turbines.
  • Removal, inspection, and installation of replacement components including Combustion Liners and Hot Gas Path inspections plus removal and inspection of the rotor, bearings, and the stationary compressor components.
  • Inspection and fault analysis during maintenance and HGPC inspections.
  • Repair and refurbishment of GT/ST parts including hot gas path components.
  • Long term service agreement with replacement/supply of components either new or refurbished.
  • Turbine filtration systems.
  • Turbine cooling systems.
  • LP & HP CO2 Refrigerated Tanks for Fire Fighting.

Our Quality Policy

ATTS’s Quality Policy ensures that the customer receives goods, services, and technical support for their systems, which meet or exceed the agreed upon requirements with regards to reliability and technical specifications.