Water Treatment

Pipeline Services – Oil, Gas & Water

We provide specialized services in areas of oil, gas & water pipeline projects including design, engineering, construction, testing, drying & commissioning, internal pigging, maintenance & inspection and rehabilitation of operating pipelines.






Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a critical aspect of every industry. Through our services we help industries to meet specific quality standards prior to the release of wastewater into environment or its re-use.

Industrial water treatment also plays an important role in improving the efficiency and reducing the waste disposal costs as the quality of water is absolutely critical in both heating and cooling applications. For boilers and cooling tower, we supply several water treatment equipments like de-mineralizers and de-areators to treat the raw water. We also supply various water treatment chemicals including scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, micro-biocides, de-scaling chemicals, pH boosters, oxygen scavengers and passivators.

Our Quality Policy

ATTS’s Quality Policy ensures that the customer receives goods, services, and technical support for their systems, which meet or exceed the agreed upon requirements with regards to reliability and technical specifications.