Speciality Chemicals and Fuel Additives

Our Chemical division caters to all the requirements related to speciality chemicals, high performance fuel additives and technical services. We cater to the needs of Power Generation Industry, Desalination plants and Refineries. In technical collaboration with some of the leading brands in the industry we manufacture /blend gas turbine & boiler fuel additives at our state of the art blending plant.

FUEL ADDITIVES:   ATTS  develops and manufactures a wide range of oil soluble, specially formulated fuel additives. These control high temperature corrosion and ash deposition in gas turbines and boilers using residual oil, crude oil, contaminated distillate or natural gas.

In addition we provide, compressor cleaning products (Water-based and solvent based) and also anti-icing agents for compressor cleaning.

WATER TREATEMENT: We supply chemicals used for applications in treatment of fresh water, waste water, boiler water and cooling water. Our products include scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foulants, oxygen scavengers and oxidizing and non oxidizing biocides. We also provide;

    ●De-watering chemicals 
    ●Steam traps
    ●Laboratory services
    ●Filter Cartridges
    ●Water treatment chemicals
    ●Design & installation of water treatment plants.                       

Our Quality Policy

ATTS’s Quality Policy ensures that the customer receives goods, services, and technical support for their systems, which meet or exceed the agreed upon requirements with regards to reliability and technical specifications.